How To Prepare For A Tenant Viewing

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It’s important to note that being a landlord requires a lot of time, commitment, and patience. Whilst some people are more than happy to manage their rental themselves, others would much prefer to hand over the responsibility to an expert – like our letting agents in Warrington.

At Easylet Residential, we are delighted to offer a let only service for landlords who prefer to take a hands-on approach, as well as full management packages to suit the needs of those who don’t have the time or confidence to manage the tenancy singlehandedly.

Whilst we will organise and accompany tenant viewings with both types of letting service, it’s down to you to make sure your property looks its best.

Here we look at some of the best ways to prepare yourself and your property for viewings.


6 tips for landlords to prepare for a viewing


1.    Make sure the property is well presented

On the day of the viewing, aim to get there nice and early. Give yourself ample time to switch on the lights, open the curtains, spray some air freshener, and check on the garden.

In the summer, you could crack open the windows to keep rooms ventilated or turn on the central heating to make the property feel warm and welcoming in the winter.

Many landlords also bring along a visibly stained rug. If potential tenants spot it and point it out to you, then you can be confident that they’ll take good care of your property.


2.    Check in with leaving tenants

When preparing for viewings, it’s worth calling the former tenants to let them know that you’ll be conducting viewings at the property. It gives them a chance to tidy the place up and allows you to find out whether they’ll be in or out on the day of the viewing.

Happy occupiers are a fantastic selling point for finding new tenants. If prospects can speak with them and ask them for their honest feedback, it enables them to make an informed decision on whether it’s the perfect place for them to rent.


3.    Ensure prospective tenants know how to find you

Whilst the address of your rental will probably be included on marketing websites, such as Rightmove, or in the letting agency office window, it’s also a sensible idea to email potential tenants a map. This ensures they know how to find you and means they should arrive on time.

Alternatively, you could inform them of any points of interest so they can be sure they’re heading in the right direction on the day of the viewing. And letting them know that they can contact you if they’re lost will give them a good impression of you as a landlord from the very beginning.


4.    Confirm with potential tenants before the meeting

After spending time getting your rental ready for a viewing, the last thing you want to happen is for prospective tenants not to show up.

With that in mind, give them a call or send them a text or email to confirm that they will be attending. Ask them for an estimated time of arrival. This will also save you money on petrol going to the property, only to be stood around waiting.   


5.    Prepare your talk about the property

We’re not saying you need to rehearse anything – but making sure you have all the necessary information to hand for when you need it will help.

Ideally, you want to provide potential tenants with as much information about the property as possible. Always be honest and genuine when asked questions and keep a copy of the tenancy agreement, utility bills, and council tax with you so you can be clear on the costs.


6.    Keep in mind what you want to get out of the meeting

Most landlords want to trust that their tenants will take good care of their property and pay the monthly rent on time throughout the tenancy agreement. Are you the same? If so, bear this in mind whilst you’re showing them around the property.

Although our Warrington letting agents carry out multiple reference and identity checks on your behalf, perhaps you could do your own research before the viewing to find out a little bit about them?

If what you found checks out with what they say when you meet them, this can be extremely helpful. If something doesn’t quite add up, treat this as a red flag.


Want to know more?

If you have any further questions about preparing for a tenant viewing or can’t decide between a let only and fully managed service, our letting agents in Warrington will be more than happy to help.

You can either call us on 01925 633 011 or email [email protected], and we’ll get back to you. If you’d prefer to speak to a member of the team face-to-face, you’re welcome to arrange an appointment at our letting agency office in Warrington town centre.

How to prepare for a tenant viewing - EasyLet Residential

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