5 Packing Tips You Need to Know When Moving House 

Congratulations! You’re moving home! 

Moving into a new house or flat is a great time to experience new beginnings and make exciting memories with friends and family. 

That said, the process can be slightly stressful. 

Packing up all of your belongings (and everyone else’s, if you have a young family) isn’t always easy, especially when it includes taking extra care to make sure anything fragile is secure. 

To ensure moving day goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve developed a five-step guide that’s easy to follow and attainable for everyone. 

Be prepared 

Unless you thrive on the last-minute stress, we don’t recommend being unprepared when it comes to moving house. 

There’s no harm in getting things ready early. 

Pack away the bits and bobs you don’t really use and store them in the spare room (if you have the space). Things like Christmas decorations and your children’s old toys that you just can’t get rid of can all be packed up in advance.

What about your winter coats and Halloween costumes? Get them in a box so they’re ready to go.

Pack an overnight bag 

Lots of mess and no food in the fridge can make moving quite a challenging time. 

To make sure you feel at home on the first few nights in your new place, we advise you to pack a bag with all your essentials and a change (or two) of clothes. 

This way, you don’t have to spend your first night arguing over where you put the toothpaste. 

Prepare your larger items 

Couches, cabinets, and dining tables are not the easiest to transport from A to B. 

Larger pieces of furniture are usually heavy, and not always deconstructable, making them difficult to know what to do with. 

If you’re using a removal company, it’s likely they’ll ask you to make their work as light as possible. To give them a helping hand, take out any clothes from your chest of drawers and wardrobes to lessen the overall weight for either you or the removal company. 

Packing 101: Put bed sheets on the front and back of your mattress to protect it during the move. You can easily chuck these sheets in the wash if they get dirty…they’re much easier to wash than a mattress. 

Be mindful of fragile items 

Have you ever unpacked in a new house and found your favourite vase or mug has broken into a million pieces?

It’s a heartbreaking affair. 

To prevent this, use thick fabrics to protect them and absorb any impacts during the journey. 

Top Tip: You’ll already be packing duvet covers and blankets, so why not wrap your more fragile goods in those? Otherwise, you’ll be spending a fortune on bubble wrap that’ll just end up in the bin anyway.

Stay organised 

Are you taking your belongings to your new house yourself, or are you relying on a team of moving experts?

Whatever you choose to do, it’s advised you make a plan of everything that’s going on before, during, and after the move. 

Make sure you have enough boxes, label everything, and tell the movers what needs to go where when they get to your new home. 

This guarantees an efficient and fuss-free move. 

Easy Let Residential are here to help!

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5 Packing Tips You Need to Know When Moving House - EasyLet Residential

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